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Jean-Pierre Morin President

Jean-Pierre Morin


Leslie Holton Vize-President

Leslie Holton


Harn wei Kua Athlete & Organizer Representative, Treasurer

Harn wei Kua



About IUTA

The IUTA is the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon, which is devoted to creating interest in the sport; developing the sport through increased athlete participation; and promoting sanctioned venues worldwide.

The goal of the IUTA is to take the Ultra Triathlon sport to greater heights.

The IUTA promotes and regulates Ultra Triathlon races around the world, upholding the highest quality and a superior reputation.

We endorse Continental and World Championships and maintain an annual World Cup Series ranking.

The IUTA is since 2011 registred as Non-Profit-Organisation in Quebec, Canada under registration no. 1167537456.

Mark Hohe-Dorst
Andrea Thaedl
Ghilsain Marechal
Richard Widmer
Manfred Matschke
Manuela Correc
Andrea Kaserbacher
Kamil Suran
Antal Voneki
Guy Rossi
Malatinszky Zsófi
David Jepson
Carsten Sacher
Jan-Olof Wadehn
Christian Kämmer
IUTA - International Ultra Triathlon Association
The IUTA (International Ultra Triathlon Association) is the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon.