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BUCHS Switzerland

15-30 August  2018

BUCHS Switzerland

Date: 15-30 August  2018
Race-Director: Jeff L├╝scher, deputy: Katrin Meier

Contact: Jeff L├╝scher, president of the organizing committee

Official website:




Contact Information
Jeff L├╝scher / Katrin Meier
E-mail: /
Telephone: +41 78 662 89 21
Mailing Address:

Swiss Ultratriathlon
Rigistrasse 24
8006 Zurich



Event Information (see also )

Entry fees:

The starting fee is CHF 3'300. You have the opportunity to save up to 10%:

5% early bird discount: Anyone who registers before

1 March 2018 and makes an advanced payment of at least CHF 1'500 will pay CHF 3'135 instead of CHF 3'300.

5% ultrafamily discount: If more than 35 athletes register for the swissultra 2018

(all participants of the races added up) by July 1, 2018, each athlete will receive 5% of the entry fee

(in this case: 5% of CHF 3'300 = CHF 165).

Payment mode: CHF 1'500 at registration and the remainder at the latest by 1 July 2018.




Courses: : see

  • swim:
    Outdoor swimming pool of Buchs (50 meter laps). 
  • bike:
    The bike course is generally flat (9 km laps).
  • run:
    Around the swimming pool area and through the woods (1.25 km laps). 


  • The time limit is 345 hours in total (14.4 days). 

    • Swim: until Thursday, 16. August 2018, 7.00 pm (25 hours)
    • Bike: until 29. August 2018, 11.00 pm
    • Run / finish time: 30. August 2018, 3.00 am



Buchs (Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland) and region


Race briefing DECA CONTINUOUS (1x10)
10.15 am: Welcome aperitif, hand in waiver and medical certificate
11.00 am: Race briefing and presentation of the athletes, distribution of race bibs
12.00 am: Pasta party  for starters, supporters and guests
This event is mandatory for all DECA CONTINUOUS athletes (at least the race briefing). Food is included for all athletes and up to 2 accompanying persons per athlete. Additional persons and guests are warmly welcome with advance notification until 13 August 2018, by email to Vouchers for food and drinks can be bought on site.

6.00 pm: Start DECA CONTINUOUS (1x10)
Open-air pool Rheinau, Rheinaustrasse, 9470 Buchs
End of swim: Thursday, 16. August 2018, 7.00 pm (time limit: 25 hours)
End of bike: 29. August 2018, 11.00 pm
End of run / race closed: 30. August 2018, 03.00 am

3 am: finish time for all races
Award ceremony for all athletes, supporters and guests
1.00 pm: welcome / snacks
1.30 pm: Award ceremony
2.30 pm: Party & aperitif
For athletes and up to 2 accompanying persons, food is included. More crew people, relatives and guests are warmly welcome with advance notification until 26. August 2018 ( The entry fee for every guest is CHF 15 and can be bought on site. 

Conditions of participation
To participate in the swissultra, an athlete must have finished an Ironman or Ultratriathlon competition or another comparable competition in 2016 or 2017. If you are not sure if you are qualified for this race, please contact us by e-mail at and tell us more about your sports career.

The participant has to sign and hand in a disclaimer (waiver) as well as a medical certificate before the start of the race. All documents are available as downloads in the list on the website.


We also help you to find private accommodations: Please contact Claudia,


Deca Buchs 2018
Contact Information
Event Information
Conditions of participation
Mark Hohe-Dorst
Andrea Thaedl
Ghilsain Marechal
Richard Widmer
Manfred Matschke
Manuela Correc
Andrea Kaserbacher
Kamil Suran
Antal Voneki
Guy Rossi
Malatinszky Zsófi
David Jepson
Carsten Sacher
Jan-Olof Wadehn
Christian Kämmer
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