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IUTA Rules
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Dear Ultra Triathletes,

Once again, IUTA is proud to present a varied schedule consisting of 14 races as part of our 2017 calendar! These races are part of the World Cup series and it is our pleasure to announce that Austria will organize the Triple Ultra Triathlon World Championship for 2017.
This year, we add a performance factor to our scoring system to better assess the merits of the different results in each of our events. Specifically, the number of points remains substantially similar to that of last year; however, a performance factor based on the record time of each event for both men and women will be incorporated into the calculation of world cup points for each race. Please refer to our new rules for more details.

We wish all of you a great season and hope that IUTA will scale and reach new heights of participation in 2017! 


Your Steering Committee has reviewed the IUTA rules to adapt them to the new reality of Ultra Triathlon. As you know, more and more athletes are joining the IUTA circuit and we would like to increase this participation rate!

Also, we have introduced a new category to the World Cup – a team category that will be applied to at least one of the Double Ultra Triathlon event (continuous version) in 2016. IUTA will determine at the end of the year the best team in the world cup series.

Teams will consist of three members and they will have to come from the same country; each team member will have to participate in two portions of a Double Ultra Triathlon, which means that an athlete will have to complete 3.8 km swim plus 180 km bike, or 3.8 km swim and 42.2 km run, or 180 km bike and 42.2 km run. We are still deciding on the point system for teams and we will announce the draft point system as soon as it is ready.

We also made modifications to the current point system for individual athlete to make it a fairer system.

As you know, some countries have longer traditions in Ultra Triathlon and as a result, they own records that are difficult to surpass. Therefore, we have decided to eliminate special point allocations for Continental and National Records. That said, we will continue to update these records on our website.

Bonus points for World Records and Race Records will be reduced, because as new race formats are included into our World Cup, we will witness a proliferation of records and we want to keep these in check. We will also remove the multiplying factor that was based on the number of participants in a race, in order to help new races in the World Cup.

The point system have been reviewed to give a fairer chance for every athlete to earn World Cup points; if athletes aim to do more than four races in 2016, bonus points will be added to the points accumulated from the best four results of the year.

Ultra triathlons are tough – we know that! Sometime, it may be inevitable for you to quit a race for various reasons. Hence, we have also modified the point system for non-finishers – we will weigh their performance based on the last finisher’s timing in the race.

Please review the attached draft rules. We are open to your feedback and suggestions on this draft point system; so, please feel free to email us your comments at or


Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Jean-Pierre, Leslie, Harn and Laurynas



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The IUTA (International Ultra Triathlon Association) is the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon.