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IUTA Rules
Rules & Anti-Doping

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Dear Ultra Triathletes,

The 2017 season is now behind us. It was a very emotional season with 14 competitions held in Europe and America.
A season of outstanding performance is no less than eleven new race record that has been established during this season. Among these records, two new world records must be highlighted: Alexandra Meixner on the Deca in continuous with a time of 250: 18: 49 h and the great performance of Robert Karas on the Emsdetten Double with a time of 19:44: 43 h. Naturally have not overlooked the victory of Richard Jung and Katrin Burow two formidable athletes on the world championship in Austria. At this World Championship we saw an emerging athlete even if the end was difficult; he still offered a performance during the bike portion with an average of over 35 km / h over 540 km which was remarkable but not enough to approach Luis Wildpanner's record. But who knows with a better control of the effort maybe we will have a new record fallen next year.
In total, more than 260 athletes took the start of the various competitions, which led us to crowned our Champions Shanda Hill and Konstantinos Zemandanis in a tight World Cup competition throughout the championship year which was decided in the last event of 2017.
In addition, 35 new national records have been established throughout this year among the fifty countries that have participated in various competitions sanctioned by IUTA.
The new season will begin in Florida with the presentation in March Florida Double Anvil already 35 athletes have expressed the intention to participate in this race very fast more than half are already registered for departure.
Bad Blumau will still be present in our calendar and will present in addition to a Triple Ultra Triathlon a Double Ultra Triathlon that will be part of both the World Cup Series of IUTA these races will be presented from July 5 to 8 in Austria.
USA Triathlon to present Oregon Double Anvil Triathlon in Portland Oregon this is part of IUTA World Cup Series and will start on July 12th. There is an expression that says (When the going gets tough only the tough get going) this expression applies to this race.
The IUTA is proud to present the World Championship in the oldest and experience organization on the circuit of IUTA namely TSV Lensahn from 1924 e. V. Living the Lensahn experience is unique, a mythical journey that has seen great athletes go by and which annually hosts the best of the Ultra planet. End of July not to be missed 61 athletes already interested with 54 already registered and in preparation for this event.
At the end of August a race presented by Panevezio Triatlono Klubas that attracts thousands of spectators on a fast course filled with emotions and encouragement that come from the entire crowd that support the athletes throughout the event that deserves its slogan The City of Tri. A Double Ultra Triathlon that is part of the IUTA World Cup Series.
In early October USA Triathlon Presents at Lake Anna Virginia an event part of the world cup series with a Double and a Triple Ultra.
A new race may join IUTA calendar at the end of the season 2018 a Deca in Louisiana USA this event will be presented in November as soon we have the final details we will let you know.
IUTA has made some changes to its rules to clarify certain situations encountered during the last season.
ART 10 The type of bike acceptable for an Ultra Triathlon competition has been clarified.
ART 12 A new category has been added to this new category.
ART 13 The calculation of time has been clarified.
ART 14 Clarification for athletes suspended by WADA
ART 15 Clarification about the possibility of stopping the race.
ART 17 Rewards to the most deserving athletes.
ART 19 New race, the average time of all similar type of competitions the year before will be used to determine the reference as Race Time Record.
ART 20 Added trophies by category.
You may find on our site the new rules and an example that demonstrates the method of calculating points for the classification of the IUTA World Cup.
We take this opportunity to wish everyone an excellent season.


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Anti Doping

WADA - World Amti Doping Agency
Last edited on: 05.01.2018
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