All IUTA members, participants and organization teams of IUTA sanctioned races have the duty to accept the IUTA rules. That duty includes next to the IUTA rules to accept the anti-doping (test) rules, the rules for the IUTA waiver and the IUTA constitution.

Athletes should notice that without recognition of the rules in its entirety no start at IUTA sanctioned races is possible.

Members should notice that in case of any violation of the ruleset, the corresponding member can be sanctioned by IUTA. This can lead to complete exclusion from IUTA.

IUTA Rules 2024

Important changes/additions to 2023:
  • Section 2:
    Definiton of "NonStop" Ultratriathlons
  • Section 11:
    The thickness of the soles of running shoes and the number of carbon plates included does not matter
  • (New) Section 13:
    Rules for littering
  • Section 23:
    Removal of decimal numbers in the IUTA World Cup ranking
  • (Old) Section 24:
    Removal of IUTA Long Distance Challenge

IUTA Rules 2023

Important changes/additions to 2022:
  • Section 2:
    Definiton of IUTA Grand Prix Races
  • Section 12:
    New added section which rules accompanying and supplying of athletes on the course.
  • Section 22:
    Only one race - the race with the most points - is considered in the IUTA World Cup Challenge, if an athlete finish more than one race within an event.
    In IUTA Grand Prix Races the points for the IUTA WCC are reduced by 50%.
  • Section 24:
    In IUTA Grand Prix Races no records can be achieved

IUTA Rules 2022

Important changes to the previous years 2019, 2020 & 2021:
  • Section 2, 13, 21:
    Differentiation between four types of ultra triathlons. Definition of UT (Split) and UT (Staged).
  • Section 5:
    Division of the age groups into 5-year blocks, as is common practice in triathlons or marathons.
  • Section 7, 15, 16:
    Modification of the sentence for anti-doping or technology fraud offences to a minimum of 2 years for the first offence and life ban for repeated offences.
  • Section 8, 9:
    Modification for swimming in moving waters. The portions with and against the current must be of equal length.
    Different starting waves may only be set for different (races) distances within an event. Para-Triathles can use floating devices and can take the assistance of two persons in transition zones.
  • Section 10:
    If a bike is not working, the participant may be brought spare parts or even a spare bike by his team or the event organizer.
  • Section 14:
    Any participant is an official finisher only, if he finish the race in between the time limit.
    No competitor may be excluded from the closing ceremony by the official time limit of a race by the organizer.
  • Section21:
    IUTA World Cup: According to the member’s vote from March 2022 referring the amount of starters in a race and their influence on the IUTA World Cup points we amended the rules.
  • Section 21, 22:
    The implementation of both challenges (World Cup & Long Distance) depends on the number of events in a calendar year.
    IUTA offers also prize money for the "Long Distance Challenge (LDC)".
    Prize money for both challenges depends on the number of participations in a calendar year.
  • Section 23:
    Requirements for recognition of world records

Previous rules: