Interview with Norbert Lüftenegger

April 2016 | Interview with Norbert Lüftenegger (Austria) by Harn-Wei Kua

Congratulations for winning the 2015 IUTA World Cup! What do you think are the deciding factors that give you the overall win?
Thank you! I still cannot believe to have won IUTA Worldcup 2015. Over the season I get constant top 10 results (Double-WC Hungary, Triple Germany, Double Slovenia) and in time of the season i got faster and faster. At Quintuple Ultra Triathlon in León (MEX) I was very lucky to make a new world record and win the Worldcup. It never was my intention to win the worldcup for my first goal.

Norbert Lüftenegger

How did you get into triathlon and how long ago was it?
My very first fun-triathlon I made in 2011. First Ironman 2014 and two month later i compete my first Ultratriathlon at Double in Murska-Sobota (SLO). Immediately I fell in love to the spirit of Ultratriathlon and the UT - family.

What are the most important lessons you learn from ultra triathlons?
Most important lesson is to have fun at the things you want to do. Humans can reach much more than we believe yourself.

What is your favorite workout session?
Mostly I like running. Its nice to run flat course for ultratriathlon - training. Otherwise I like trailrunning at the very beautiful austrian mountains.

You are competing this season. How are your preparation different or similar to last year's?
I don't prepare very much different for Ultratriathlons. I do sport for having fun and keep my body fit. Just sometimes I make specific Ultratriathlon - training. I think best preparing for a long distance competition is to simulate some extraordinary situations which you assume that it could happens at the race. You should have to make your brain fit for the challenge. But at competition its mostly happens much different.

Any words of advice for those who are just starting out as ultra triathletes?
Athletes who want to attempt an Ultratriathlon should simply try this. You will like the spirit of Ultratriathlon - family. All are friendly people and there are nice events and parties. Athletes who made Ultratriathlons don't want return back to short distances. :-)