The event was created by Udo Menzel, a multiple finisher of ultra triathlons, and the "Laufgemeinschaft Emsdetten". The first event took place in 2013. The event is held every 2 years. (last update May 2023)

length loop/lane pool / 50m 4,41233km 1,69194km
number of loops 152 82 50
full distance 7,6km 361,81km 84,597km
official measured yes yes yes
gradient - ± 820m negligible
ground - asphalt asphalt / slabs
closed for traffic - yes yes
lights needed - yes no*
time limit 4h 19,5h (swim+bike) 34h

*The running track is lighted at night, but the organizer recommends wearing a headlamp.

race record 25:28:55h (M. Wittler) 19:42:57h (R. Ratasepp) -
swim record 2:14:10h (M. Schreiber) 1:47:30h (R. Karas) -
bike record +T1 13:20:29h (M. Wittler) 10:33:45h (R. Karas) -
run record +T2 9:32:12h (M. Wittler) 6:47:50h (R. Ratasepp) -
participations 14 155 170
finished particip. 8 133 141
diff. competitors 13 122 135
different finisher 7 108 115